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Anonymous asked:

Hi It's me again, just wanted to ask if you have ever read Surat Lut? Translated or not? Thanx for answering.

I have read it and firstly i’d like to state that i’m not a scholar so these are just my opinions and interpretations and in no way am i here to debate or say anyone is wrong in what they believe. I, like many others have a lot to learn. You can look at this from many angles. The people of Lot were committing many crimes one being adultery and sex out of marriage. I don’t believe any of these homosexual acts were done so within the confounds of marriage, so that there is already a big no.  They only ever talk about men and not women so if i wanted to be sneaky i could say it doesn’t apply to me because i’m not a man but I feel that would be arrogant and i would feel like I’m getting myself out of trouble with loop holes while leaving others in the limelight. 

There are many verses and Hadiths that state equality for all. And at the end of the day i feel a lot comes down to intention. If you’re intending to do good, and in you’re heart you’re intending to do the right thing i think that means a lot right there. If by some chance this is wrong (which i don’t feel it is as long as you follow Allah’s SWT word) On the day of judgment we will stand  before him and he alone will be the only opinion that matters. I believe Allah SWT to be the most great and all forgiving, the most generous and understanding, and he will look into my heart and the heart of many others and see what has been intended, what love has been created and shared.  

If homosexuality itself and not in combination with other things is indeed a sin, how do we measure which sins are worse than others? I very much doubt men who cheat on their wives get as much thrown at them or people who choose to drink and do drugs or be promiscuous have as many strangers telling them they’re wrong and having the Quran thrown at them. We must try to better ourselves as much as possible because our time on earth is limited. Time judging others is time that could be spent on ones self. So i think people should leave the judging to Allah SWT because that’s not our area anyway, our area is to make ourselves the best we can be. I know I have a lot to work on and a lot to improve but homosexuality isn’t the biggest thing I’m worried about because I know its loving, I need to work on the more hateful side of myself or the parts where i act on things I shouldn’t. I want to be the best person i can be for my creator when i meet him and for that i know i have a lot of work to do, but i look forward to it :) 


Anonymous asked:

Hi, I'd like to ask a question I would appreciate u answering it. Are u supportive of homosexuality? If so, how is it you seem like a practicing Muslim who is very commited to their religion (I'm guessing from ur blog) when it is forbidden in Islam.

Hi, I’m always open to answering questions.

I’m very much in favour of people being queer. It really isn’t for us to judge. I believe only one can judge us because at the end of the day we don’t know which sins or deeds will be weighed the most. Like the story of the sex worker who gave a dog water from a shoe. I don’t think we should spend our time on earth going around saying others are wrong for what they are when we can spend that time bettering ourselves, can anyone truly say they have no sin? I believe the people who judge others for their wrong doing will have just as much to answer to. My motto is why hate when we can love. I don’t even think being queer is wrong. i’d much rather someone be queer and be true to islam than someone be straight and go out and contradict many things. Again it’s not for me to judge and what i believe really isn’t what matters at the end of the day because everyone has to look into their own hearts and follow what feels right to them. A lot of problems start from following others or cultural expectations. I believe being queer is not only okay but just is, because i myself identify as queer and it’s not something i chose but i love Allah and i know Allah loves me, I know i’ll have a lot to answer to when we meet IA but that connection we have now and in the future is something very personal that can’t be broken. I feel if it’s something that i was born with then it must have been for a reason. People will tell me it’s wrong. No one is ever right in everyones eyes. You’re right I am committed to my religion even though like many others I have a lot of improving to do.

I hope this answers your question, drop me a line anytime.  

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